Bring Snoring to an End with Stop Snoring Exercises


Did you know that you can stop snoring by practicing easy exercises?

Yup, you can practice the exercises (called “The Stop Snoring Exercise Program©”) in front of your television while relaxing as well as strengthen your jaw as well as muscles with a throat exercise. If you do stop snoring exercises, you are able to get multiple advantages – you are able to be relaxed, and you can stop snoring as well!

How do exactly the stop snoring exercises work?

When you perform jaw exercise (one of the stop snoring exercises you can do), your jaw will become stronger than before. Therefore, the palate will not drop in the throat while you are sleeping, so the air will be able to flow freely through the breathing passage without any blockage that can cause snoring.

Because snoring is triggered by a breathing problem, if you have a tensed jaw, the air will not be able to flow freely and there will be a vibration caused by the palate. If you perform stop snoring exercise like this, you can open up the jaw and the muscles used for respiration will be stronger as well.

Although stop snoring exercises are simple and fast to practice, you will be able to get great benefits, which being able to stop snoring naturally so that your sleeping partner will not complain anymore, and you both can have a good night’s sleep. You will also have more energy when you wake up so you can do your activities better.

Step by Step of Jaw Exercise

Now, let’s get started to practice jaw exercise. Follow the steps below to practice jaw exercise:

Jaw Exercise SnoringClose your mouth, and act as if you were chewing a gum. Keep chewing for about one minute at a time.

Ensure that your molars on both sides move apart slightly, and after that touch lightly again. You need to remember also that the lips should be closed during chewing.

As you are not actually chewing any gum, this exercise is very easy. On the other hand, you may feel a bit sore at first, but that’s OK. You may chew for a few seconds at first, then you can increase the duration of your exercise.

stop snoring exerciseWhile chewing, you can make an “mmm” sound so that the throat will be able to open up more. This is unnecessary to make “mmm” sound, but it will make the exercise more effective.

By doing this exercise, you are contracting the weak tissue, which you feel opening up your breathing passage.

If you feel that you have muscles contracting in the back of the throat, they are actually the primary problem that causes snoring.

You can keep doing this exercise so that the muscles will be able to stay in the proper position while you are clearing your breathing.

This exercise will be very effective because it deals with the source of the snoring problem. If you have a blockage to the air passage, the air will have a difficulty in getting to your lungs. If that is the case, it means that the area of breathing passage is dropped off and then the speed of the air will increase so that the disturbing sound occurs.

This jaw exercise is just a small part of the whole stop snoring exercises.

Actually, there are 24 exercises in the program, although you don’t need to practice all of them.

In fact, there are 7 programs in it: if you have 3 minutes, 7 minutes, 12 minutes, 18 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and also more than 1 hour a day.

All of the exercises contained in the program are (available in PDF guide and MP3):

1. Jaw Exercises
Consisting of 3 separate exercises with the total duration of 4’26”
2. Throat Exercises
Consisting of 5 separate exercises with the total duration of 8’29”
3. Tongue Exercises
Consisting of 3 separate exercises with the total duration of 3’44”
4. Body Exercises
Consisting of 5 separate exercises with the total duration of 3’30”
5. Breathing Exercises
Consisting of 2 separate exercises with the total duration of 3’44”
6. Relaxation Exercises
Duration is 3’03”
7. Happy Joyful Attitude Exercises
Consisting of 3 exercises – no audio
8. Communication Exercises – no audio
9. Sleeping positions - no audio

If you want to stop your snoring by practicing simple step-by-step exercises above, you can get The Stop Snoring Exercise Program developed by Christian Goodman that has helped thousands to stop snoring naturally without having to carry out dangerous surgery, dental implant or having to purchase and use drugs on a daily basis.

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Quick Tips to Stop Snoring Naturally

1. Stop Alcohol and Cigarettes

Alcohol can relax your throat muscles, and cigarettes can swell up the tissues around the throat, causing breathing problem.

2. Improve Sleep Pattern

Bad sleep pattern can cause respiratory instability. Try to sleep 6-8 hours a day, and always go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day.

3. Don’t Sleep on Your Back

Sleeping sideways will prevent your tongue from falling back, so you won’t snore. You can also add some pillows to elevate your head to prevent the tongue from hindering the breathing airway.

4. Have an Ideal Weight

Lose weight to get rid of excess tissues around the throat. You may not be able to stop snoring even though you sleep sideways if you’re overweight.

5. If Allergic, Clean Your Bedroom

If you have some kinds of allergies, you can clean your bedroom to prevent dusts so that there will be no nasal congestion.

6. Play the Didgeridoo

Playing didgeridoo (Australian traditional musical instrument) can help you stop snoring by strengthening the throat muscles.

7. Stop Snoring Exercises

I’ve mentioned over and over again that doing stop snoring exercises can help with this issue as they have the same effects as playing didgeridoo or singing. Your throat & tongue can be stronger so you will not snore anymore.

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